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cheer cheer up chirk up fancy patterned venose violet-streaked stripy speckled patched purple-spotted pointillist vermiculated elaborate brinded attractive yellow-marked slashed mottled indirect fussy dressy veined black-marked castled red-striped streaked stippled white-streaked damascene tabby freckled pointillistic banded brownish-striped striped dappled baroque burled yellow-banded flamboyant battlemented fantastic floral lentiginose brindled moire streaky brown-speckled brindle impure sprigged busy aureate maroon-spotted puff spotted tessellated cross-banded marbleised checked marbleized red-streaked laced adorned lacy blotchy embattled blotched chequered checkered yellow-spotted watered reddish-striped dark-spotted black-barred flecked marbled white-blotched florid churrigueresque dotted brownish-speckled brown-striped black-and-tan veinlike figured decorated lentiginous vermicular unobvious flowered specked spotty purple-veined churrigueresco damask castellated tiger-striped ringed crackle yellow-striped puffed luxuriant fanciful pinstriped white-ribbed rococo vermiculate lacelike splotched ambiguous dim foggy mysterious opaque unintelligible cloudy dubious indistinct obscure turbid vague flashy garish gaudy glittery glitzy loud ostentatious showy splashy swank tawdry bedizened lurid ornate exaggerated overdecorated overdone overwrought extravagant appareled arrayed bedecked decked-out dressed embroidered garnished trimmed embellished ornamented befouled besmirched contaminated corrupted debased defiled fouled polluted soiled spoiled sullied tainted unclarified amalgamated blended coalesced combined commingled compounded incorporated intermingled intermixed merged mingled conjoined fused joined linked united cheapened doctored watered-down adulterated alloyed diluted mixed inhibited reserved restrained close-mouthed laconic quiet reticent taciturn tight-lipped uncommunicative circuitous equivocal evasive diplomatic politic tactful civil considerate courteous polite dissembling uncandid unforthcoming circumlocutory long-winded prolix verbose wordy deceitful lying mendacious untruthful erroneous fallacious false misleading double-dealing hypocritical two-faced roundabout incomprehensible indecipherable unfathomable unknowable impalpable imperceptible inappreciable indiscernible insensible gauzy gray hazy imprecise indefinite indeterminate misty murky nebulous noncommital sketchy slippery subtle illegible undecipherable unreadable clouded cryptic dark enigmatic nonobvious obfuscated unapparent unclear unclouded about absent abstruse adulterate aesthetic all but allude altitude arcane aristocratic arresting artful artificial backhanded backstairs beauteous beautiful beguiling behind-the-scenes black and tan blear bleary blue-blooded blurry bodacious bold bombastic bonny brilliant byzantine cagey catchy circular clandestine comely commanding complex complicate complicated composite compound confused conglomerate conspicuous convoluted counterfeit covert crafty cunning curious cute daedal deceiving deceptive deep delicate delphic deluding delusive delusory designing detailed devious dilute
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